Logging in to your Colophon - WordPress Website

If you are having trouble logging into your WordPress website, there are a few things to try first before contacting our support team.

  1. It's a 2-Step Process
    Remember that logging is a 2 STEP PROCESS. You have to: 
    1) Login to the server first. It is a popup box.
    2) Login to WordPress.
    If you don't remember the credentials for the #1 (Server). Please contact our support. But you can find this in the document that was sent to when your website went live.

    If you have lost your WordPress password, you can you the password reset feature and instructions will be sent to your email on file.

  2. Clear Your Browser Cache
    Your credentials are correct, but you can't seem to login. Sometimes an error can get "cached" by your browser. So if you make a mistake with your username or password when logging in, even if you correct the error, your browser keeps telling you it is wrong. 

    In this case it is best to "clear your browser cache". This mean you need to go the browser history and clearing out old files so you can start over with a clean browser. Here is a good article if you need to find out how to do it for your browser:

  3. Checking your Internet Connection
    Your Internet connection may be temporarily down. Are you able to go Google and do a simple search. If it working, than you are connected to the Internet and should be able to login.
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